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“ISP Licensing” is the concept of charging a licensing fee on the monthly bill of every internet subscriber for filesharing and distributing this money to rights holders.   The IAEL 2010 book addresses the question of how such a collective licensing scheme would work in every territory in the world.

The book polls leading entertainment lawyers in each territory to create a tapestry of the law of collective rights licensing around the world.  It also contains the opinions of industry leaders, visionaries and artists including Moby, Jerry Casale from DEVO, Todd Brabec (ASCAP), Simon Wheeler (Beggars Group), Terry McBride (Nettwerk), and representatives from T-Mobile, O2, VH1 and more.

Amid all the talk of three strikes you’re out legislation and various solutions to internet “piracy,” the book provides a welcome draft of pure signal, describing in layman’s terms what the law actually is and how you would implement a new collective right in each country in the world.  We hope you enjoy it.

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